If ever there is an NHL again, where would you like to see it expand?

NHLRPNHL Expansion — If you were in charge, where would you put an expansion franchise? Select from the list below or add your own. You’re limited to one vote every 24 hrs, but other than that, come back and vote as often as you like to make your voice louder in the debate.


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  1. Zane says:

    I think that there’s a city not on this list that everyone’s overlooking: Indianapolis.
    Need I remind everyone that Indy had one of the most successful WHA franchises (viz., the Racers) and their fan base was extremely loyal and raucous. I’m not even from Indiana, I’ve never been there in my entire life, but I love good, old-fashioned hockey, and the atmosphere provided by fans makes the game that much more exciting to watch.
    For that reason, I submit Indianapolis as a candidate. They already have a suitable venue in Bankers Life Fieldhouse (albeit a smaller one, it only seats 13,000 for hockey), and the success of the Colts and Pacers are proof enough that the city could sustain a franchise.

  2. tom says:

    In case anyone is wondering, so far the “other” cities receiving votes are:




  3. EEM says:

    I know it’s a long shot, but Houston should get an NHL team now that we lost the AHL Aeros to Des Moines (now Iowa Wild, a Minnesota Wild affiliate). The IHL/AHL Aeros (1994-2013) had good attendance/fan support for a minor league team and only left town because Aeros owner Chuck Watson and NBA Rockets/Toyota Center owner Les Alexander couldn’t come to terms on a lease agreement (also, Les Alexander has been trying to get an NHL team for years but so far has been unsuccessful).

    Houston is the 4th LARGEST CITY (2.1 million pop./behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago) and 5th LARGEST METRO AREA (6.2 million/behind NY, LA, Chi and Dallas/Fort Worth) in the U.S. (see Wikipaedia), however, it’s also the largest city in North America without a hockey team major or minor. Despite arguments to the contrary, Houston has hockey history (the great Gordie Howe even played here in the 70’s on the first Aeros team), population (see above), suitable venue (Toyota Center), income/corporate backing (20+ Fortune 500 companies, “The energy capital of the world”), potential rivalry-in-waiting (vs. Dallas Stars) as well as many northern transplants/potential fan base-in-waiting.

    I acknowledge that there are other cities more deserving of an NHL franchise than Houston (Seattle, Portland, Quebec City, Hamilton, Kansas City amongst others) and that most teams in non-traditional southern markets have struggled financially (Phoenix, Florida, and Atlanta before they moved to Winnipeg) but we Houstonians would like a fair shot at a team! Mr. Bettman, are you listening?

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/houston/1547191-nhl-team-houston-anytime-soon-8.html#ixzz33CQQjvCI

  4. EEM says:

    Houston needs an NHL team now that the Aeros left town to become the Iowa Wild, leaving Houston as the largest city, metro area and TV market in North America without a hockey team major or minor – here’s the stats – Population: 2.1 million city, 6.2 million metro, 10th largest TV market; Suitable venue: Toyota Center, opened in 2003, seats 17,800 for hockey, also home of the NBA Houston Rockets; Economic Base: 22 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the city, “the energy capital of the world”; Hockey History: the first Aeros team (WHA, 1972-78, featured the great Gordie Howe and his two sons), 2nd Aeros team (IHL, AHL 1994-2013); Existing Major Sports Teams: Astros (MLB), Rockets (NBA), Texans (NFL), Dynamo (MLS); Nearest Rival: Dallas Stars (240 miles from Houston); and fanbase (more Northern transplants than any other US city, Aeros among the top attended teams in AHL until it moved to Iowa).

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