Should the City of Seattle Get an NHL Team? | NHL |

Missed this one a few days ago… a few insights on Seattle sports successes (for the most part).

Should the City of Seattle Get an NHL Team? | NHL | »

18 Responses to Should the City of Seattle Get an NHL Team? | NHL |

  1. jay arn says:

    Of course Seattle shoud get an NHL team!!!!

    • tom says:

      I need a “Like” button for comments 🙂

      Seattle and Quebec City are my top two choices. Be they through expansion or relocation, but those two cities deserve franchises.

  2. AgentJ says:

    The article mentions the poor attendance of the Mariners last year. What it does not mention is that the team has been to the playoffs all of four times in their 40 years of existence, the last time in 2001. They have been bad a long time, and their only recognizable player (Felix Hernandez) only pitches at home once a week for the most part. If I remember correctly, the only teams with longer playoff droughts are Pittsburgh and Toronto, and neither of those teams are attendance juggernauts. Seattle doesn’t even need a “great” team. They just need a team that actually contends for playoff spots once in a while.

    • tom says:

      Seattle fans remind me of San Francisco fans in that they react positively towards a team that is engaging and/or winning. The city is too full of other amazing things to do than to spend time and money on a team that is just “mailing it in”.

      Engage your community and fans like the Sounders… you’ll be embraced.

      The upside for the NHL in Seattle is tremendous… if done right. And anyone who is willing to go through the effort and cost of expansion or relocation is gonna be the type of person who will do things right once they get to Seattle.

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