An Illustrated History of the NHL

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Some of you loyal readers my be wondering what happened to my weekly posts, as they are even later than normal. Well, in what little free time I’ve had, I got sucked into creating the info-graphic that I always looked for but never found… illustrating the entire history of the NHL.

My labor of love is complete, and you can check it out now.

So I took every team in the history of the NHL, dropped them on a timeline and highlighted every time the name changed due to rebranding, relocation or even pushing the words “Black” and “hawk” together. Also noted are the resurrection of the Ottawa Senators in 1932 after a one year hiatus, the 1978 merger of the Minnesota North Stars and Cleveland Barons and the triumphant return of the NHL to Minnesota and Winnipeg years after losing their original squads to relocation.

This took a lot of time and effort, so please spread the word… and credit me if you use it in any way.

I’ll do my best to get back the the NHLRP this week sometime, and catch up.


– Tom


8 Responses to An Illustrated History of the NHL

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  2. Glen R says:

    Great job! Very cool graphic.

    One incredibly tiny thing, maybe the Sharks should have been shown being slip from the North Stars. Remember there was the Expansion/Dispersal draft of both teams when the Sharks were formed, which sort of undid the North Stars/Barons merger.

    But all in all, phenomenal! Have you considered adding divisions to this graphic somehow?

    • tom says:

      Thanks! I did think about the North Stars/Sharks connection, but then forgot about it in one of those “I’ll get to that at the end” moments.

      When I get a second, I’ll think of something and add it. Divisions won’t work. All the shuffling causes breaks in the continuous streams of the teams and it looks like they have died out like the Wanderers or the Maroons. Decided to keep it simple.

      I will however probably add side labels of “Founding Era”, “Original Six Era”, “Expansion Era” and “Modern Era” more clearly calling out the major phases of History of the League.


  3. tom says:

    Graphic has been updated with the major eras of the NHL on the far left and the slight connection between the North Stars and the beginnings of the San Jose Sharks.


  4. David says:

    I think you should ad a little Stanley Cup Image into the blocks indicating which franchise won it each year.

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  6. Ry says:

    This is really cool! I’d like to buy it as a print for my man-cave! Can you help me out?

  7. Jacob says:

    Looks great! Maybe you can add logo changes in there and when teams won the cup (with a little Cup logo)

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