NHL / AHL Map — NHL, AHL, ECHL Affiliations (Plus other Goodies)

Finally, an update. After wanting to get to this forever (due to my amazing, and amazingly distracting daughters (I have two now)), I’ve been able to update this map/infographic/thing that shows how the major and minor professional hockey leagues in North American fit together. The NHL, AHL and ECHL are all connected (sort of). There are other leagues too, that get a nod, but those are the “big three” when it comes to professional hockey in the US and Canada. Enjoy.

NOTE: These data reflect things as of the AUGUST 11, 2015 for the upcoming season… more changes are probably coming, so updates will have to be made again… Yay.


Click anywhere on the image to enlarge (it’s really big).

2 Responses to NHL / AHL Map — NHL, AHL, ECHL Affiliations (Plus other Goodies)

  1. RScottyH says:

    Thanks so much – this is the info I was looking for! I live near Manchester, NH and know that our Monarchs switched affiliations to ECHL, which led me to ask, “what is this ECHL and is it connected to AHL?”

    Appreciate your effort. And glad to know you have ‘two’ daughters now!

  2. Abby says:

    awesome work Tom! you’ve got some serious data viz skills. Any chance i could get a look at the raw data of team affiliations? Or do you have any recommended data resources for minor league hockey? Thanks!

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