Nondescript Movie Posters Presents: Mission: Impossible V

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On Twitter, Defending Big D‘s Brandon Worley (@brandonworley) commented that the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster could be any modern action flick if you took away the title. Turns out he was right:

Nondescript Movie Posters - M:I 5

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I might have to make this a regular feature. :)

— Tom

Eyes Wide Shut

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Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr Meme - Eyes Wide Shut

At Home Sick + Photoshop + NHL Anger = This

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NHL 300 - Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman

… or was that pizza?

Hockey, Hollywood and Fanboys

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If ever there is an NHL again, where would you like to see it expand?

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NHLRPNHL Expansion — If you were in charge, where would you put an expansion franchise? Select from the list below or add your own. You’re limited to one vote every 24 hrs, but other than that, come back and vote as often as you like to make your voice louder in the debate.


I Can See Iran From My Car Elevators

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Mitt Romney - Iran, Syria and the sea

Mitt Romney’s view of the Middle East is indeed different than Obama’s

You gotta love Don Cherry

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In case you’re clueless (like Grapes here)… Clarity(ish) »

In the Nye of the Storm

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In case you missed it, one of the hot topics in the NHL this week was the Eric Nystrom’s hit on Kris Letang… and the vitriolic response from (a very vocal minority) of Penguins fans. I won’t get into the nastiness here (but you can read an excellent take on it at Defending Big D (warning: very rough language from some of the Pens’ fans)).

I will say two things about it though:


2) Eric Nystrom is not a headhunter or nasty player. It was just one of those hockey plays that unfortunately resulted in an injury.

As a Stars fan, I have been very proud (especially lately) of how the this salary-floor team of pesky misfits have pulled together and started to play for each other. The gelling of the team was so strong (and timely) that the GM Joe Nieuwendyk chose to basically stand pat at the trade deadline and let this squad make a run at the playoffs with no changes. Eric Nystrom is a big part of this.

All that jibber-jabber was a long way to intro this t-shirt idea that stands as an homage to this player and this team as the push through they last few weeks of the regular season. It’s just for fun (that’s what dorky designers like me do for fun, you see).


Eric Nystrom and the Dallas Stars Make a Run for the Playoffs

Eric Nystrom and the Dallas Stars Make a Run for the Playoffs


As a matter of full disclosure, a Leafs fan too… I’m hoping their shakeup will jolt the team enough to make their own run for a playoff spot and to inspire me to make an homage t-shirt to them too.




UPDATE: The Stars came up just short for the second year in a row… and the Leafs? Um. No comment.


Which Original Six Team is Your Favorite?

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Sticking with our “Original Six” them for the last week or so, this poll is looking for your favorite of the six.

Greatest Ever Poll: Sugary Kids’ Cereal

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