The Latest on the Phoenix Coyotes Sale

Phoenix Coyotes - Could this be true?

Looking more and more like a done deal. Can you believe it. If so, next up in the “deal with it” department, the New York Islanders. People of Quebec City and Seattle are not happy with this news for sure… don’t scoff at the idea of expansion in two years though. I wouldn’t be surprised… and to those who say, “Expansion?! With what talent?”, I answer you with another question, “Do you honestly think the league or the NHLPA give a puck about that?”

The latest on the PHX sitch from around the web:


The Sporting News: »


USA Today: »


Phoenix Business Journal: »


Associated Press (via Yahoo!):–nhl.html;_ylt=Asb9rksKdxHFVw8tGHgOk5k5nYcB »



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  1. AgentJ says:

    The NHL is far more “international” than basketball, which should (hopefully, from the Seattle perspective) allow the league to support more teams than even the NFL. After all, they have more, larger cities to install itself in without the need for truly huge markets.

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