NHL Realignment – Do It Yourself Map Kit

Included in the following ZIP file is a Photoshop file of the NHL realignment the league announced recently with a ton of layers you can turn on and off, and selectable teams that can be relocated (or contracted) at will. If you want to add team logos that aren’t part of the current 30, there are plenty of resources online for finding those. But again, this template has the current 30 teams divvied up the way Gary and the Boyz™ decided was best, with the style of connectors that I’ve been using for the last (quite a) few months.

Also included is a blank version that you can divvy up the way you think is best using your own version of connector lines… who says you need to make ’em look like mine, right? Again the current 30 teams are included, but this is a flattened image file, so no relocations.

Not included are the fonts I used (those cost money)… but you can switch ’em to system fonts like Arial easy enough.

Click on the icon below to download.


— Tom



6 Responses to NHL Realignment – Do It Yourself Map Kit

  1. AgentJ says:

    Excellent! I’m going to consider this my birthday present.

  2. AgentJ says:

    The first:
    For if the league ever just wants to go crazy with western movement.

  3. jimmy says:

    could someone add some instructions to the do it yourself kit. I’m looking to make a map like the rest of them on the site. thank you.

  4. Jon Doe says:

    Can someone give me a link for the program? I can’t open the one in the article.

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