Lords of the Stanley Cup – A Stanley Cup Infographic

My Stanley Cup infographic has been revised to include the Penguins latest triumph. Until next year!

See the infographic »


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  2. NP_TO says:

    Great job Tom! Some interesting tidbits:
    – The Toronto Maple Leafs have actually won 11 Stanley Cups under this name, plus two more under previous names: Toronto St. Patricks and Toronto Arenas.
    – The Montreal Canadiens of the late 60’s would have also won 5 in a row (1965-69) if not for their upset by the aging Toronto Maple Leafs of 1967.
    – The Edmonton Oilers of the 1980s would have also won 5 in a row (1984-1988) if not for a shocking upset at the hands of the Calgary Flames in 1986 (on Steve Smith’s own goal in Game 7 of the Smythe Division Finals).

    • tom says:

      Thanks for the comments and compliment. I really appreciate them. I totally agree with the Habs and Oilers comments. I remember the Oilers run, and can’t imagine the Edmonton fans’ disdain for the Flames that year.

      The Toronto championships are a grey area. The way I broke it down was thus:

      The single championship I’ve credited the Blueshirts (with was from 1914 (which includes a successful defending of a challenge);

      the 13 I’ve credited to the Leafs do include the 1918 championship of the “nameless team” (later engraved on the SC as Arenas in 1947), the 1922 St. Pat’s championship and the 11 as the Leafs.

      The original Blueshirts were of a separate owner and technically a different entity than the continuous franchise that is the Blueshirts/Arenas/Maple Leafs that were charter members of the NHL in 1917.

      Make sense?

  3. Jimmy says:

    The lords of the Stanley cup infographic looks great. I almost don’t want to point this out since I love it so much but when you updated the Blackhawks to 5 wins you forgot to add a little Stanley cup to the stack. There are still only 4.

    Again, I love the infographic and appreciate how much work must have gone into it.

    I also really love the illustrated franchise history graphic. I’ve looked at it about 50 times even though it obviously hasn’t changed recently. It’s a fantastic summary of franchise history and it’s so effective and concise, great job.

    • tom says:

      Thanks for the compliments. And for the catch on my huge oversight. As soon as I get a sec, I’ll update and replace the image here. Crazy work day, gets in the way of fun stuff.

      Thanks again!

      — TF

    • tom says:

      Thanks again, Jimmy.

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