NHL Expansion Scenario – Quebec City and Seattle

Since the Coyotes are locked in (for at least five years), what might an NHL with expansion teams in Seattle and Quebec City look like? Let’s face it, relocation isn’t happening anytime soon (breath easy Panther, Devil, Blue Jacket fans). NHL expansion is the next hot thing (despite “talent pool” arguments to the contrary). Let’s check out how a four conference, no divisions NHL could look:

(click anywhere on the map to enlarge)


NHL Map - Expansion to Seattle and Quebec City

9 Responses to NHL Expansion Scenario – Quebec City and Seattle

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  2. jay arn says:

    This is only logical to see happen. GREAT IDEA!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    This looks good, but I’m pretty certain Columbus would balk at this plan.

    • tom says:

      In a vacuum, I’m sure they would. If this was a two conference/each with two divisions set up, I’d even agree with their beef. But, since this is a four (completely independent of each other) conference setup, it’s far less daunting for a CBJ to deal with.

      In essence, upon a deeper understanding of the plan, they’d realize that they’d have the exact same number of trips to the Pacific Time Zone as the teams in the Adams and Patrick Conferences.

      As far as trips outside of the Eastern and Central Time Zones, the only thing they’d have to “deal with” would be two additional trips to the Mountain Time Zone to play COL. Not much of a sacrifice.

      One time Zone over for the rest of their conference-matchups is more than acceptable. Toss in pressure from the Commish and the rest of the owners, I’m sure it could happen.

      I would be cool with having Detroit in the slot instead of Columbus (especially if it means keeping the DET/CHI rivalry), but since we have to pick one to go “east,’ go with the one that the league has promised for longer that they could, once a slot opened up… and that’s the Wings.

      • Gib says:

        If Columbus is forced to go back west, they should at least have the scheduling quad of their choice, which I would guess includes Detroit and Pittsburgh. Detroit going east means they have to leave their old rivalries (including with Chicago) behind.

  4. Mike says:

    2 things I’d do different.

    1. Replace Seattle with Houston.

    2. Swap Carolina and Pittsburgh.

    Other than that, everything looks fantastic.

    • tom says:

      Seattle to Houston (and I assume Colorado to the Smythe Conference) would work… unless you live in the Emerald City 🙂

      Pens in a different conference than the Flyers would be a non-starter, I imagine. Unlike the Wings’ move away from the Hawks, which has a revival of the DET/TOR rivalry and major geographic pluses as a counterpoint, the Pens would be losing a historic rival without gaining another.

      But again, this is the NHL, so logic is really optional 🙂

    • Neely says:

      Mike, it’s about more than just drawing circles around the teams closest to each other. No way the NHL would split the Penguins off from that Flyers/Rangers/Devils atlantic cluster.

      The only potential sticking point I see with this map is the treatment of the two Florida teams. The NHL wants those teams playing against the biggest draws because they struggle so much with revenue otherwise. While it wouldn’t look as pretty on the map, I think the league would rather have those two teams in a conference with BOS/MTL/TOR/DET.

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